Naughty and Nice – Duplin Winery

Our wine tonight is the Naughty and Nice from Duplin Winery. Holiday white wine blend of Scuppernong, Muscadine, and what I think to be Niagara. The scuppernong is distinct. Nose of ripe bananas, lemonade, green apples, honeydew melons, and a stuffy mildewed room. Sweet, syrupy. On the palate notes of overripe bananas, honeysuckle, rubber cement,... Continue Reading →

Milk House White – Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard.

Our wine tonight is the Milk House White, a scuppernong wine from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard just outside of Shelby, North Carolina. Non-vintage. Fermented of 100% scuppernong grapes. The state fruit of North Carolina. Color of 24 karat gold....... just polished! Intense musky nose, hints of honeysuckle, lemon, citrus, and butterscotch. Distinctive sweet flavor notes... Continue Reading →

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