Your Household Guide – 1951

Stumbled upon the most interesting book tucked away in our hall bookshelf. This guide published in 1951 is full of long lost wisdom.

Thought it’d be interesting to share a few.

My comments in italics.

– To keep cookies fresh and crisp in the jar, place a crumpled tissue paper in the bottom.

* * *

– To cut a fresh cake use a wet knife.

* * *

– Cool a freshly baked cake away from drafts, as a draft can cause your cake to fall.

* * *

– An apple cut in half and placed in the cake box will keep the cake fresh several days longer.

* * *

– Leftover rolls: Place a pan of water in the bottom of the oven when you reheat rolls or biscuits. The steam from the water will rise and make the bread taste fresh and soft as the day it was baked.


– Plant radish and cucumber seeds together to keep bugs off cucumbers.

* * *

Note we don’t recommend the below just found it interesting as we had no earthly idea what was Paris Green.

– To kill worms on cabbage, take one teaspoon Paris Green and 9 parts of flour and dust on cabbage.

* * *

– Tiny seeds are easier to plant in an even row if sprinkled from a salt shaker.


– For rats and mice place sulphur where they run as they won’t run through sulphur.

* * *

– Gum camphor will keep away ants. Now can someone tell us what Gum Camphor is?

* * *

– Chiggers: A simple remedy which usually kills the chigger after the first application is kerosene oil and table salt, equal parts. Seriously…kerosene oil?

* * *

– Hot alum water will destroy insects.

Had to google ” alum water.”

* * *

– Store apples with potatoes. This will keep the potatoes from sprouting. One apple to every 4 potatoes.

* * *

– Make sauerkraut when the moon is new until the first quarter, and the juice will stay on until it is used. Huh?

* * *

– To label jars of food, write on the jar while it is still hot with a bright colored crayon. We really take sharpies for granted!


– When you wash baby’s bonnet, fit it over an inverted bowl to dry. Helps the bonnet hold its shape.

* * *

– To whiten laces, wash them in sour milk. Why sour milk?

* * *

– A slice of lemon in the water in which clothes are boiled will make them whiter.


– A small cork glued to the side of your sewing machine drawer or box, makes a convenient holder for your thimble. Wine bottle cork? We could hold a lot of thimbles!

* * *

When needles have become rusty and seem unfit for use, rub up and down in earth and they will be like new. Uh…,earth?

* * *

– String your pearls with dental floss.


– Place an egg in a pan of water. If fresh, it will lie on its side. If a few days old, it will tilt upward. If stale, will stand on end. If very old, it will float. No “use by” dates!

* * *

When peeling onions, put a slice of bread in your mouth. I assume to prevent tears but it doesn’t really say….

* * *

– Rub scissors with butter to cut marshmallows.

* * *

– Onions will not make the eyes water if scalding water is poured over them before they are peeled. Surely it means scalding water over the onions and not ones eyes, which the latter would surely make the eyes water!

* * *

– Spinach may be the broom of the stomach, but sauerkraut is the vacuum cleaner. Okay then!

* * *

– Candles last longer if placed in the refrigerator for a few days before using.

Honey, are we having candles for dinner?

* * *

The blade of a knife passed though a flame will slice bread more smoothly than a cold blade.

* * *

– When scalding a chicken add one teaspoon of soda to the boiling water. Then the feathers will come off easier and the flesh will be clean and white. No not soda pop!

* * *

To make the address plain on a parcel post package use a matchstick instead of a pen.

* * *

– To make old popcorn kernels pop, put in jar with one tablespoon of water for two weeks, then it will pop.


Slice bananas with a silver knife, they won’t turn dark.

* * *

– Do not wash eggs before storing, as water destroys the protective film that keeps out air and odors. Which leads us to this informative read about the difference in processing of eggs in Europe vs. in the U.S.A

Time Savers

– A pan of cold water placed in the oven will cool it off quickly.

* * *

– To ripen bananas quickly, peel and place in oven 350 degrees for 10 minutes.


– A pitchfork is better than a hoe for uprooting grass.

* * *

– A drop of sulphuric acid on dandelions will cause death of the roots.

* * *

– Mix coffee grounds with dirt to set geraniums in. Increases growth and bloom.

* * *

– Use a pan of clean, dry sand as a storage place for small garden tools. This will retard rust.

Now my most favorite helpful household hints from 1951

If the accident is serious, SEND for a physician at once.

– To make geraniums bloom, use bloody chicken water. What???

Apparently Brandy is very helpful as an antidote for poison

Check out the phone numbers in the back advertisements

Hope you have enjoyed as much as I did. Some wisdoms of yesteryear have certainly been lost in time.


Winery Escapade – Weekend 46 of 2018

We started our weekend off with the first ever wine club pickup party at Parker-Binns Vineyard and Winery. The party was held in the barrel room of the newly constructed production facility and featured live music, light hor d’oeuvres, and a glass of wine of your choice.

Justin, the winemaker, spoke about making of the wine and expanded upon how 2018 was a challenging year for the grape harvest. Bob, who owns Parker-Binns along with his wife Karen, spoke about future plans and offered an overview of the new equipment in the wine production facility and also reminisced a bit about the wineries journey. One highlight from Justin was how excited they were for future vintages of the estate grown Petit Manseng. The evening ended with a serving of scrumptious cheesecake with a copious drizzling of their special port wine.

Saturday we met our friends Will and Pam at Baker Buffalo Creek Winery. The weather was perfect for sitting outside and enjoying excellent wine and catching up. As always, another fun filled day with our great friends.

We enjoyed several wines though the highlight of the day was the seasonal Merry Berry. A grape cranberry Holiday blend.

Will and I took a stroll down to the old farmhouse. I took the first picture below and Will shot the second.

Sunday Jenni and I drove up to the Biltmore Estate as we needed to renew our annual passes. We scheduled our Christmas candlelight tour for 7 pm and headed over to the winery. We enjoyed our complimentary glass of wine in the wine club members lounge and with a little more time to kill enjoyed a tasting and browsed the gift shop.

I won’t bore you with all our Biltmore House pictures, but only a large sampling of a few of my favorites.

If you’ve yet the opportunity to visit the Biltmore House for a Christmas candlelight tour, we highly recommend the experience.

Jenni and I remain very thankful for the support of our blogs, and

We sincerely wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope to see you at a local winery soon!


Remembering Our Visit To The Upper Hiwassee Highlands AVA

This is a repost of a blog Jenni wrote about a year ago and some notes I had added to her post. As we quickly approach our return to Highlands, thought it’d be a good time to revisit.

Saturday we took off to Hayesville, NC to Eagle Fork Vineyards.It was well worth the drive! We enjoyed several of the wines and brought a bottle of their Classic Chambourchin home. We also enjoyed a glass each of their wine slushy in their gazaboo. It is one of the very few slushies I can have as it does not have any fruit juice in it. Most of the vines are not on the property where the tasting room is. In fact back in May, Dennis & I had attempted to go to this same winery when we were in Highlands and the vinowine app had the old address of the tasting room. They moved the tasting room to it’s current location about 2 years ago. Laura, who poured our tasting, was super sweet and very accommodating to us. We enjoyed several of their wines but had to make a choice as to what to take home.

We left there and headed to Nottely River Valley Vineyards. To say we had a good time there would be a serious understatement! The owners, Steve and Karen were very sweet and a lot of fun! We meet some wonderful people who allowed us to share in their birthday party. There were also 6 late 20 something ladies who were also a delight to talk too. Dennis and I shared a bottle of their Strawberry Wine and brought home a bottle of their Peach. I included the picture of the wanted grape stompers sign just because I thought it was funny!

Sunday we stayed close to home and went back to Burntshirt Vineyard. This winery will always be special to us for a couple of reasons. One it is the first winery/vineyard Dennis & I went to together and it is also where he proposed. They have several wines that we enjoy, but on Sunday, we enjoyed a bottle of their Sunset Sippin. The atmosphere is so nice and they have live music on Sundays. And we met a new “friend” Sunday.

We left there and headed towards home and stopped by Russian Chapel Hills that is in the Green Creek area of NC. Andrey and his wife are so sweet! The 3 dogs are always there to greet us when we get there! They are so sweet and just love the attention they get from us. Their names are Leila, Bernard and Skif (that’s the order of the pictures below).

We each had a glass of his blush. Usually we get either the Chamourchin or the Mosaic, but since we had had a white earlier in the day we went with the Rosé. The vines are loaded with grapes ready for harvest.

This is a fun small little winery that a lot of people don’t know about. There’s a part of me that wants to keep it that way as we enjoy the tranquility there, but a much larger part of me wants to see them thrive. So I am telling all of you if you are in that area or just want to short drive, head that way.

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Notes from Dennis Below:

Thought I’d jump right in on Jenni’s blog post and post a few of my own thoughts and pics.  Eagle Fork was nice. We sat under the gazebo and just chilled on the hanging swing as we sipped on our wine slushies.

We tasted Chambourchin grapes freshly picked form right off the vine. These are full of juice and ready for harvest.

Snapped this picture of the front sign as we were leaving.

Nottely River Valley Vineyards was indeed really tranquil. The view from their tasting room is of three states, North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. We had so much fun making friends as we enjoyed a bottle of Strawberry Wine under their covered patio.

On the way back Saturday evening we stopped and played along the banks of the Natahala River.

As Jenni mentioned, Burntshirt is one of our favorites, they were very busy this Sunday. The weather was nice for sitting outside and a really good cover band was playing.

Stopping at Russian Chapel Hills on our way home is somewhat of a tradition for us. Looking at the grapes on the vines at Russian, leads me to believe it’s going to be a good year for wine in the region.

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A Few Things We Love About North Carolina Wineries.

It’s safe to say our hobby has turned into an obsession. What started as a way to spend time together, has turned into a way of life. Therefore, we celebrate 2018 North Carolina wine month with our 2nd annual post of a few things we love about #NCWine.

Still love that Burntshirt Vineyards in Hendersonville was the first winery we ever visited together. It was also where I proposed. Love sitting under their portico, enjoying the Meritage or the Sunset Sippin’.

Love that Cabo Winery stays open late and offers fun wines such as Hissy Fit (Strawberry) and the Bless Your Heart (Coconut) and Over Yonder (Chocolate Covered Cherry).

Love the million dollar views at Raffaldini and Piccione in Ronda, and Silver Fork in Morganton, and Parker-Binns in Tryon.


Love the incredible improved Mountain Brook Vineyards.

Love enjoying a glass by the fire pit at Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyards.

Love Henry the Peacock at Catawba Farms Winery.

Love the White Merlot on the back patio at Brandon Hills Vineyards .

Love brick oven pizza and live music on Sunday Funday at Parker Binns.

Love that overnight accomodations are available in a treehouse at Treehouse Vineyards.

Love that Biltmore Winery is the most visited winery in the country.

Love visiting the smallest winery in the country, Calaboose Cellars in Andrews up in the Great Smokey Mountains. Located in an old jailhouse.

Love that Belle Nicho is “unpretentious.”

Love the Logo of Dog Driving a Tractor
Love that these two are both a winery and a brewery – Morgan Ridge Vineyard and Brewhouse and West Bend Winery and Brewery.

Love sipping on wine slushies at Eagle Fork Vineyards.

Love the Killer Bee spirits from the distillery at Windsor Run Cellars

Love the Four off Nine in the Tryon Foothills area – Parker Binns, OverMountain, Mountain Brook, and Russian Chapel Hills.


Love the Bordeaux style at South Creek Vineyards.

Love Wally and LaLa at Silk Hope Winery

Wally Butler – Owner-Winemaker
LaLa makes the tasting fun

Love shopping for antiques at Lake James Cellars.

Love the bourbon barrel aged Cab Sauv at Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyards.

Love strolling through the vineyard to St. Anna’s Chapel at Russian Chapel Hills

Love the listening to the river while enjoying a glass on the porch at Roaring River Vineyards

Love the Outer Banks Ice Wine from Sanctuary Vineyards.

Love that the oldest vine in America, the Mother Vine on Mateo in the OBX is still producing grapes.

Love the beautiful grounds at Daveste’ Vineyards.

Love the 360 degree mountain views at Point Lookout Vineyards.

Love the “Love” Alchemy Herbal Mead from Addison Farms Vineyard.

Love that even though we have visited almost 120 North Carolina wineries there remain nearly 80 more for us still to visit, and more opening each year.

Happy weekend wining! Get out this September and celebrate North Carolina Wine Month by visiting and enjoying the nearly 200 North Carolina Wineries!

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Our Favorite Local Winery Animals

We thought it’d be fun to share pictures of our favorite local winery animals. Most small local wineries have an animal or two, a mascot if you will. These animals are most certainly part of the charm of these craft boutique vineyards and wineries.

Without further ado, we present………

Pinot the Pig – CityScape Winery – Pelzer, SC (Photo Credit: Josh Jones)

Henry the Peacock – Catawba Farms Vineyard – Newton, NC

Cooper – Mountain Brook Vineyards – Tryon, NC (Photo Credit unknown, used with permission)

LuLu – Parker-Binns Vineyards – Mill Spring, NC

Buddy – Shadow Springs Vineyards – Hamptonville, NC

Buddy is 17 years old and deaf by the way!

Stiv and Bernard – Russian Chapel Hills Winery – Columbus, NC

Bruno – Brandon Hills Vineyards – Yadkinville, NC

Brownie the Goat – Deep Water Vineyards. – Wadmalaw Island (Charleston), SC

Dusty, Maggie, and Tipsy always greet guest arriving at Enoree River Vineyards in Newberry, S.C.

Merle (Merlot) and Bear – Misty Creek Vineyards – Mocksville, NC

Bear getting attention from our friend Will

Max and Shamus – OverMountain Vineyards – Tryon, NC.

Shamus chillin’ in his favorite chair..

Max relaxin’ on the patio (Photo credit: Belinda King)

At our Winery Escapades homestead, we have two; Miss Bella Rose our Dalmatian and Leo our Speagle -Spaniel mix rescue.

First Bella and playing in the snow

And Leo our Springer-Spaniel Beagle mix rescue.

As our tribute to a really awesome dog we just met at Parker-Binns Vineyards, meet Cuma! Cuma is ill and his wonderful pet parents are taking him on a bucket list of adventures. He was such a sweet dog with a beautiful soft coat. Pray for Cuma!

Keep it going! Please share with us your favorite pictures of your beloved pets or favorite winery animals. Cheers!

Final Thoughts and Press for the inaugural Palmetto Wine Competition

We are thrilled with the following press of the inaugural Palmetto Wine Competition from the Index-Journal in Greenwood, South Carolina. Staff writer St. Clair Donaghy attended the day’s events and we are thrilled to see included comments from several participating winery owners and our judges. Please take a moment to read the article. We appreciate your support.

Palmetto Wine Competition Article

The event was very rewarding for Jenni and I, even though it was indeed much more work than we anticipated. Finding enough wine glasses became a challenge. We settled on renting the glasses but then had to overcome the logistics of getting the glasses from Greenwood to the small town of Abbeville. Fortunately, a childhood friend of mine lives nearby and totally saved the day, delivering and returning all 12 racks of wine glasses. Each wine had to be assigned an unique number, and the proper tasting order had to be determined.

Selecting and gaining commitments from qualified judges was probably our biggest challenge. We wanted several highly trained and educated judges paired with others who had a developed knowledge and appreciation for local crafted wine. A couple of our initial choices could not maintain their commitment for various reasons. However, we feel as though we met our objective to sit a diverse group of well qualified judges.

We owe a huge gratitude to our sponsors. Our host site, The historic Belmont Inn of Abbeville, South Carolina was the perfect venue for our wine competition. The hotel was built in 1903 and maintains a relaxed elegance of years gone by. We highly recommend a visit and overnight stay. We believe that you will quickly come to love the Belmont same as we do. While there, be sure to try the Boomerang Burger in Tinkers Alley, the basement pub. This burger, with a pineapple slice and topped with pimento cheese is to die for!

Our other sponsor, The VinoWine App is our favorite winery escapade tool. No matter where you find yourself, open the app and click on the map to see nearby wineries. The app includes useful information about each winery and even reviews. The app further provides a marketplace for small local craft wineries to sell their wines. If you love wine, and traveling, download The Vinowine App and start exploring local craft wineries.

We also owe a great gratitude to The South Carolina Wine and Grape Growers Association. Without these guys, we’re mostly stuck drinking mass produced grocery store wines. Get out and visit a local winery, you can thank us later…..with a bottle of wine of course.

Congratulations to all our winning wineries.

CityScape Winery – Pelzer (Greenville County)

Wellborn Winery – Travers Rest (opening July 2918)

Abiding Vine Vineyard – Laurens

Enoree River Vineyards – Newberry

Mercer House Estate Winery – Lexington

Carolina Vineyard Winery – Myrtle Beach

Deep Water Vineyard – Wadmalaw Island (Charleston)

Island Winery – Hilton Head Island

Below are a few of the pictures I’ve collected from the inaugural 2018 Palmetto Wine Competition. Lunch prepared by the Belmont Inn’s Chef Darby was enjoyed on the veranda while listening to the smooth sounds of Alex Davis.

Next year, we’re planning a regional competition to promote the regions which we visit each weekend. Let the planning begin! We are very proud of the event and hope to encourage fellow wine lovers to get out and visit a local craft winery.

Judges – Palmetto Wine Competition: Bob and Jen Aycock

Allow us to continue introducing our judges for the Palmetto Wine Competition at The Belmont Inn upcoming May 1st, in historic Abbeville, South Carolina. Bob and Jennifer Aycock are fellow bloggers based in Matthews, North Carolina, just outside of Charlotte. Together, the brains and personality behind the blog WineCarolinas.

We first met Bob and Jennifer at Childress Vineyards, while attending the North Carolina Wine Month kickoff event. As fellow bloggers, they are highly focused in on the local wine industry. The two recently attended the North Carolina Wine Bloggers Conference. Featured blog post on their site feature chef inspired wine and food pairings featuring local wine which the two have carefully selected.

Bob holds a BA from UNCW, and works professionally as a social media project manager and wine blogger. He recently shared, “I enjoy a fresh Rosé as much as I like a crisp Riesling or soft Merlot. I’m a native North Carolinian who loves the charm of small towns and their distinct history. I like celebrating and exploring all that the Carolinas have to offer with my wife and our four children. Jen and I have taken our appreciation of wine and decided to completely embrace it, setting out to explore the rich variety of wines of the Carolinas. It’s great learning about the people who make the wine, the love that goes into it, and what makes it all so unique. I believe supporting local businesses and industries is important.”

Jennifer has a BA in English, and works professionally as an educator and as a wine blogger. She explained to us, “right now my wine preferences are reds, Petit Verdot, Mourvèdre, and Cabernet Sauvignon.”

Wine Carolinas, which recently celebrated it’s one-year anniversary is their passion. Although Jennifer adds, “my love of wine started as an easy way to reconnect with my husband and enjoy some adult time away from our four, awesome kids, it has blossomed into a deep passion of local wine. I thrive on learning all that I can about the industry, the grapes, the people, and the incredible stories that are poured into each glass. In the past year, I’ve visited many wineries, explored wine festivals, and attended key events with the local wine industry (NC Wine Month Kickoff Event, NC Wine Bloggers Summit). I’m excited to share with others all that South Carolina is creating in the world of wine.”

We are beyond thrilled to have both serving as judges in the inaugural Palmetto Wine Competition. Bob and Jennifer bring a wealth of knowledge about the local and regional craft wine industry and we look forward to learning from their judging notes.

Judges – Palmetto Wine Competition: David Murphy

May 1st, 2018, we are hosting the inaugural Palmetto Wine Competition at The Belmont Inn in historic Abbeville, South Carolina. We are thrilled for this opportunity to promote the small local wineries of South Carolina. We have assembled a diverse group of extremely qualified judges.

Allow us to introduce one of our highly qualified judges, David Murphy.

David assisted at the Donatoni Winery in Paso Robles, California for twenty three years, crushing, pressing, blending, bottling and other process. He also assisted in the tasting room. David talks about his further experience below.

“I have assisted at Mountain Brook Vineyard, Tryon, NC, with picking, crushing, pressing, blending, bottling and running the tasting room. I served on the Board of Chestnut  Mountain Winery, Braselton, GA for five years. Assisting in various processes from planting, picking to bottling. I’m a member of the French Broad Vignerons, a wine group that promotes the wine industry in Western North Carolina.”

David brings twenty-four hours of education for wine judges under the guidance of  AWS certified judges.

He had judged four Asheville Food & Wine Festivals and will judge in 2018 under the new name, The Western North Carolina Wine Competition.

He also Judged the Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition for three years and will judge the 2018 competition. Was selected to judge the Best of Show in 2016 and 2017. Judged three North Carolina State Fair Competitions and expects to judge again in 2018. Was one of seven judges selected to judge the Best of Competition in 2017.

We first met David at Mountain Brook Vineyards in Tryon, North Carolina. We quickly realized that David would bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our competition. We look forward to learning from David’s judging notes and having him learn more about South Carolina wines.