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Vintage 2016

AVA: Dahlonega Plateau

Kaya Vineyards and Winery

Aged in oak barrels.

Touriga Nacional is a Portuguese grape varietal.

This varietal is used as an important blending component in fortified Port wines of the Douro Valley in Northern Portugal.

The vines produce small clusters of small berries resulting in low yields.

The original stock of Touriga Nacional was planted in the Kaya vineyard back in 1997. Some of the original vines have been replaced though many have survived and continue to produce.

Deep ruby in color.

Medium nose of toasted marshmallows, roasted almonds, fig, vanilla, and baking spices.

Full body with high tannins and medium acidity.

Medium flavors of fig preserves, s’mores, almonds, bittersweet cocoa, nutmeg, cedar, smoke and vanilla.

Medium finish of charred wood and mushroom.

13.3% ABV.

This wine is likely a year past its prime though is still very enjoyable. We tried this wine in March 2020 and it certainly faded some since.

I look forward to trying more youthful vintages of this wine from Kaya Vineyards and Winery.

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 87 points.

We are pledging to boycott all E&J Gallo brands.

Why? Gallo is proposing to build a massive processing and distribution plant in South Carolina.

Gallo is pressuring the South Carolina assembly to change the state ABL laws in their favor.

The big issue is that current prevents licensed wineries from having more than one tasting room. The “Gallo” bill introduced in the South Carolina State Legislator provides for allowing E&J Gallo to open up three satellite tasting rooms.

The proposed bill reads, a winery producing or bottling at least thirty million gallons of wine and alcoholic beverages per calendar year in this State may operate three tasting-room premises;

In other words, Gallo is free to compete with the existing small craft family wineries licensed across the state.

Not only that, the is changed to allow for Gallo to serve in their tasting rooms, any wine brand under it’s corporate ownership, even if not produced in South Carolina.

An egregious example of big corporation sticking it to small business!

Following is the exhaustive list of brands owned by E&J Gallo! It’s alphabetical for your convenience!








Barefoot Bubbly

Barefoot Fruitscato

Barefoot Hard Seltzer

Barefoot Spritzer Cans

Barefoot Wine

Bartles & Jaymes

Bear Flag

Bella Sera

Boone’s Farm


Bridlewood Estate Winery

Canyon Road

Carlo Rossi


Chateau Souverain

Clarendon Hills

Columbia Winery

Dancing Bull

Dark Horse


Department 66


Don Miguel Gascón

Ecco Damani

Edna Valley Vineyard

Fleur De Mer

Frei Bothers Sonoma Reserve

Gallo Estate

Gallo Family Vineyards

Gallo Signature Series

Ghost Pines

J Vineyards & Winery


La Marca


Las Rocas

Liberty Creek


Livingston Cellars

Louis M. Martini

Macmurray Estate Vineyards

Madria Sangria

Martín Códax

Maso Canali

Mia Dolcea


The Naked Grape

Orin Swift


Peter Vella


Poggio Al Tesoro



Rancho Zabaco

Red Rock Winery

Redwood Creek

Renato Ratti

Saint Claire Family Estate




Talbott Vineyards


Tisdale Vineyards



Turning Leaf

Vin Vault


Wild Vines

William Hill Estate


Heavenly Father, on this cold blustery evening, we commit to your protection all farms, orchards, and vineyards affected by the raw cutting wind and this blast of cold frigid air.

We implore of you, the one who rules the seasons, to intercede on our behalf, so that the crops remain safe from frost and cold and so find in your favor that the harvest may give plentiful fruit which will allow their stewards to supply the yield which brings abundant needs and joy to the lives of so many.

In your name we pray, Amen.

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Marked Tree Vineyard in Flat Rock, North Carolina.

AVA: Crest of the Blue Ridge Henderson County.

Vintage 2018.

Medium ruby in color.

Medium nose of raspberry, cranberry, redcurrant, baker’s chocolate, and pepper .

Dry with medium tannins, medium acidity, and medium alcohol.

Medium intensity flavor profile with notes of redcurrant, raspberry, bell pepper, pipe tobacco, and baking spices.

12.5% ABV

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 87 points.

Fermented in oak barrels.

75 case production.

Winemaker: Justin Taylor

Vines trained on a Single Vine Position (SVP) trellis system and cane pruned.

Sitting squarely on the Eastern Continental Divide at 2300 foot of elevation.

Marked Tree Vineyard and Winery offer phenomenal views of the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains.

Marked Tree Vineyard

Greenville County kept saying no, no, no, and then they said yes!

Construction set to commence immediately!

Ground Breaking @ City Scape Winery

Josh and Deb Jones purchased City Scape Winery back in 2015. The vineyard consisted of 1.5 acres under vine and a 620 square foot tasting room.

At that time, they were the youngest winery owners in the Southeast, possibly in the country.

The existing small tasting room only had a few small tables and the current production facility only 1400 square feet.

Over the last 6 years business at the Winery has continued to flourish. An outdoor patio was added, along with two large outdoor event style tents for covered seating.

Four years in the planning, this major expansion has broken ground in the small community of Pelzer, in Southern Greenville County, South Carolina.

Owners Josh and Deb Jones visited approximately 50 wineries in Napa and over 20 countries in their research for the best winery design and practices.

The new building will consist of 10,620 square feet, split between two levels. The upper level for the 5,000 plus square feet tasting room, and the lower level of 5,000 square feet for the production facility.

The tasting room level will include a back deck overlooking a newly planted vineyard.

With 1.5 acres currently under vine, the new lower vineyard will consist of an additional acre under vine.

The new 5,000 sq. ft. production facility will allow for significant growth in wine production. City Scape currently produces approximately 6,000 cases a year.

The County mandated a retaining pond be installed, so in true City Scape non-traditional style the pond will be completed in the shape of a wine glass.

Josh Jones mused, “so when Google Earth updates, and we look down at City Scape Winery there will be our retaining pond in the shape of a wine glass.”

Anticipated completion in late Fall of 2021.

A Grand Opening is tentatively scheduled for mid-December of 2021.

As Jones excitedly exclaimed, “there’s nothing else like it in Greenville County!”

City Scape Winery 589 Dunklin Bridge Rd. Pelzer, S.C.

Open Thursday – Saturday. 11AM – 6:30PM Sunday 1-5:30PM

Open during construction. Book a tasting online ➡️ City Scape Winery

Sweet Red Wine

Oliver Winery and Vineyards.

Soft Wine Collection.


Red blend dominate of Concord.

Medium nose cherry cola, watermelon, cranberry, and orange blossom honey.

Color is medium ruby..

Light body with medium acidity and low tannins.

Best served lightly chilled.

This wine is sweet.

Medium flavor intensity of cherry cola, raspberry, red plum, pomegranate, strawberry jam, and orange marmalade.

11.5% ABV

$8.50 a bottle.

Oliver Winery

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 85 points.

Generally when we refer to a wine as soft, we mean a low tannin structure. The wine is certainly low in tannins.

I saw some reviews which claimed this wine to not be overly sweet. The label says Sweet Red, and true to form this wine is sweet.

We give credit to the producer, this wine is exactly what they claim it to be.

A sweet soft fruity red wine.

One could make outstanding Sangria from this wine. I go so far as to say this wine is the perfect base for a red wine sangria.

Oliver Winery and Vineyards, Bloomington, Indiana.

Vintage 2017

Belleruche Rosé

Appellation Côtes-Du-Rhône Contrôlée

M. Chapouttier France

A blend of 75% Grenache with lesser amounts of Cinsault and Syrah.

Medium pink-orange in color.

Prominent nose of redcurrant, raspberry, pink grapefruit, and ripe peaches in syrup.

Dry, medium bodied with crisp acidity.

Prominent notes on palate of pink grapefruit, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, ….

sifting fading with a medium finish of wet stone, dried apricots, and orange blossom honey.

13.5% ABV.

$19.00 per bottle.

JenNis Beverage Marketing score of 88 points.

In our opinion, this wine is slightly past it’s prime, though still drinking very good.

French-American Hybrid

Pronunciation: SHAM-bore-sin.

Unknown parentage.

Vinifera most similar to would be Pinot Noir.

Chambourcin is teinturier grape, meaning it’s flesh and juice are naturally red-hued. (Most red grapes have white juice and develop their color only from soaking on the red skins)


Produces a deep purple wine.

Medium bodied with crisp acidity and smooth soft tannins.

Herbal aromas and fresh fruit flavors.

Chambourcin wines have shown to bottle age very well for up to ten years.

Developed by Joannes Seyve, a French biochemist and viticulturist.

The grape has been only commercially available since 1963.

It’s fruit is late ripening.

It’s vines can produce high yields. In fact, early cluster thinning is often favored by viticulturist to ensure high quality fruit.

Very tolerant to wet and harsh temperature growing environments.

Cheers to Chambourcin!