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Promoting Fun at Local Wineries

It’s safe to say our hobby has turned into an obsession. What started as a way to spend time together, has turned into a way of life.  Our ultimate goal is to promote fun at local wineries.

We love our weekend escapades, invite us to visit and blog about your winery, antique store, b&b, or other destination.

Through our Winery Escapades Marketing branch we host wine competitions, market whimsical wine related products, promote specific high quality wines, and function as brand ambassadors and social influencers.

Our daily focus is on promoting fun at local wineries and our reach is through being social media influencers, numerous and diverse industry contacts, our multiple websites, and most importantly our specialty – word of mouth! We are members of the French Broad Vignerons and the American Mead-Cider-Fruit Wine Competition.

Thank you for visiting our website and reading our blog. We promote South Carolina Wine, North Carolina Wine, Georgia Wine, Tennessee Wine, Virginia Wine, and other regional local vineyards and wineries. #NCWine #SCWine

Be sure to view our sister site OurWineTonight.Com

Happy Weekend Wining!


About Dennis

Always a taste for wine, enjoy a good glass though truth be told I was always more of a beer, bourbon, and gin kind of guy. Always enjoyed local travel, and strive to promote local small businesses. Lucky for me, the love of my life, shares similar passions. I was born and raised in South Carolina, and educated in International Business at The University of South Carolina. I generally prefer dry to semi-dry wines.

About Jenni

Always a wine lover, I’m always excited for a weekend winery escapade. A voice major educated at Converse College and Winthrop University in South Carolina, and a long time resident of Boiling Springs, S.C.  Former board member and VP of the Spartanburg Repertory Opera, have performed in many productions over the past years.  I generally prefer semi-dry to semi-sweet wines.

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