Merry Berry – Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard

Our Thanksgiving wine tonight is the Merry Berry from Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard. A tart cranberry blend produced seasonally just for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

Beautiful light ruby in color.

A robust aroma of cranberries, spices, and citrus make this North Carolina wine perfect for a family holiday dinner get-together.


On the palate exhibits notes of cranberries, raspberries, pink grapefruit, candy corn, and oranges slices.

Lingering tartness on the finish.

No ABV listed. Labeled as table wine which by federal law means must be between 7-14% ABV. Based on my experience, I surmise this wine to be around 10% ABV.

$18 a bottle.

In case you’ve yet to visit Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard in the small farming community of Fallston, just outside of Shelby, North Carolina you simply must put this one on your list to visit. The vineyard and winery property operated as the Baker family dairy farm for 100+ years. The red barn is featured in current Hillshire Farms commercials. Our friend Will snapped the first picture below and I snapped the second of the old farmhouse which lies toward the back of the property. Get by quickly to pick up your own bottle of this refreshing seasonal cranberry infused table wine. We’re sure you will enjoy not only their fine wine but also exploring the beautiful farm. Hopefully your visit will allow the opportunity to chat with owners Charles and Ann and hear their stories of developing the beautiful one hundred plus year old dairy farm into the award winning Baker Buffalo Creek Vineyard and Winery.

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