Versailles “DI” – Divine Llama Vineyards

Our wine tonight is the Versailles “Si” from Divine Llama Vineyards in North Carolina’s Yadkin Valley AVA.

Blend of 90% Traminette and 10% Peach juice.

Light straw in color.


Aromatic floral and fruity nose of honeysuckle, lily, fresh thyme, peach, kiwi, and lime.

Light bodied and crisp.

Sweet notes on the tongue of peach, clementine, bosc pear, wildflower honey, and a light butterscotch finish.

12% ABV

While this sweet peach infused Traminette is certainly tasty, personally would have preferred the blend with a lower percentage of peach juice. I’d surmise between five and seven.five percent would have been perfect to create a more balanced wine.

Winery Escapades scoring on the Twenty point American Wine Society scale.

Appearance – 3 Aroma – 4.5 Taste – 4

Aftertaste – 2.5 Impression – 2

Total score – 16

Silver Medal worthy.

Yes this vineyard supports a working llama farm!


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